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17. The Complete Start story with Jon Margalit

In this episode of Cha-Ching, our host Kevin talks with Jon Margalit of Complete Start, a company that creates delicious, all-natural, plant-based breakfast shakes. This episode of Cha-Ching covers many interesting topics including:

  • The importance of advertising and being present on multiple channels. There is not magic channel for promotion in eCommerce, companies need to find the right mix and balance for their particular product in order to see the best results. Often times this involves marketing on various different channels, possibly to different audiences. If you put all your marketing eggs in one basket.. you wont be able to adapt and grow.

  • The importance of creating valuable content that lends itself to the reader both in terms of entertainment and utility. Jon discusses the concept that not all content needs to be created with the intent to drive revenue, your readers need to enjoy it and find it useful and in turn that will in turn create loyal buyers further driving revenue in the long run.

  • Leveraging a subscription-style business to increase the lifetime value of the customer and the effect that having a subscription business has on the cost of acquisition for a customer.

For more information about Complete Start and for a free sample click here.

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Marina Lovell