Cha-Ching Podcast

Hosted by Kevin Wild

An eCommerce Podcast


Lessons From Real Merchants and Thought Leaders in eCommerce

Cha-Ching! is an eCommerce podcast where host, Kevin Wild, interviews merchants, app developers, and thought leaders on their experiences and successes with eCommerce.

Every week, we will bring you with an engaging discussion with someone deeply involved in the world of eCommerce.  Whether it's dissecting a successful storeowner on how they managed to scale, discussing an app or service with the developer, or debating with a thought leader on where they see eCommerce going in the future, Cha-Ching! is the podcast for anyone and everyone involved with selling online.







Latest Episode

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17. The Complete Start story with Jon Margalit.

In this episode of Cha-Ching, Jon joins Kevin to talk about how he has found success with his breakfast shake business.